Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dance Macabre and the Day of the Jackal

The beleaguered victimized mournful Livni with righteous tears streaming down her face ran to Condie Rice in Washington to ask for help.  Condie obliged.  She embraced the crying Livni, patted her, swore eternal friendship and assured her with an MOU. Thus opening a new chapter in the imprisonment and the siege  of the people of Gaza. It was a dance macabre in the grand style. It is as if the two formidable women were dancing on the violated graves of the Gazans and their children.  What was interesting (if one can use such a sacrilegious term) is that the infamous two were not only scrambling to revive the corpse of a dying administration, but were trying to hijack Obama and pull the carpet from under his feet, thus creating a status quo for him and sending a message, behave. The effrontery of the action, its flagrant violation of common decency, protocol , political etiquette and code of conduct is stunning. Will the day of the Jackal ever recede?


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