Tuesday, January 13, 2009

O World Thou art Sick Part One

The world is sick. There is no doubt about it. The world or more precisely the civilized world is sick. Why is it sick? It is sick because the fate of the world is dictated by super powers, or one super power in particular, which does not know or has elected not to know, choosing to ignore the history of the world, including the roots of conflicts because it has the might to rewrite history as it sees fit, dismantling countries in the process and  embarking on righteous wars of devastation in order to destroy those ways of life that does not conform to our way of life, the Western way of life.  If the super powers of our world today behave like all the super powers that preceded them, it is to be expected, but to pretend that they are the repository of world ethical heritage is most repugnant and totally reprehensible.  Brute power is brute power, at worst nakedly brutally destructive and at best all threatening and domineering. In the bid for unprecedented supremacy, history is abolished and geography reinvented or rearranged.
Once upon a time, about 60 years ago, there was a country called Palestine, the homeland of the Palestinians, .( Please research the history of the conflict. Unbiased accounts exist in history books and encyclopedias). Sixty years ago there was no Israel. It was not always there. So what right has any country in the world, because of the collective amnesia, which has conveniently afflicted the world of power, to ask the Palestinians to follow the world example and permit themselves to contact the disease of forgetfulness. Driven by guilt and the desire for atonement for the tragedy of the Jews and the crimes committed against them in Germany, Europe first, at the instigation of the Zionist  movement,  then the US, decided to create a state for the Jews on the  land of the Palestinian people who were there since the beginning of time..
  Terror and the Sickness of the World 
 We keep hearing about the terror of Hamas, the terror of this faction and that faction.  We keep hearing about the paramount necessity for Israel to defend itself against terror. We keep hearing, and how can we avoid it, about the noble-minded, valiant, ethically and democratically superior Israel sending its beloved sons to defend its people against terrorism  Its troops are marching, in the air, across the seas, on ground marching to silence the terror of the original sons and daughters of Israel now. They are blighting the landscape and clouding the clear pure horizons. Terror must be defeated in order to bring tranquility to the borders of Israel The US says yes of coarse and Europe at best wavers. But who are in reality the masters and instigators of terror?
On terror the fathers of Israel founded Israel (ask the British). By terror they dispersed the Palestinian population.  Through sheer terror the State of Israel keeps maintaining its superiorities, all kinds of them including a superior ethical frame of reference, holier than anything poor humanity has produced over millennia. How many times did the terror of Israel drive the Palestinians from their homes  How many refugee camps did it give birth to.  They spread and multiply only to be annihilated, thus giving birth to more, ever more. And the story goes on. Whatever you build we shall destroy, infrastructures, schools, hospitals,  power and sewage plants, all of them we shall destroy.Your children must know their place and be kept in ignorance, prey to rage, fanaticism, etc.
The collective amnesia of the world powers dictates that Israel exists but Palestine does not, except perhaps as a Pauper state to come. Why should the Palestinians forget Palestine? Because Israel says so? Because the West says so? Because the US says so? Israel wants the huge lie it has created to be imprinted on the world conscience. I exist. But Palestine does not. The Palestinians if they try to oppose are terrorists. How can a people forget their yesterdays and the yesterdays of their ancestors. How can they destroy the very frame of time by accepting that they have no past and no history, that they were born refugees and will stay refugees.
When the Palestinians fight, not necessarily by carrying arms, they are doing so in order to proclaim, my name is Palestine. my homeland is Palestine. the earth of my earth is Palestine. This is my inalienable right.  They call it Israel but I remember that my fathers called it Palestine.  The only people that were destroyed in turning Palestine into Israel were the Palestinians. Hasn't Israel gorged itself on blood yet? Hasn't it had its fill of houses, villages and cities razed to the ground and turned into rubble. How many hells on earth must there be in order for it to say enough is enough.
Cry for thy children Israel and I do not only mean the few Israelis who have died so far, but your children the Palestinians. Aren't they the children of the land and earth upon which you have built your state? Cry for the burnt children and the mutilated bodies of women, young men old men.  Do not say Hamas has started it. You started it 60 years ago. Are the Palestinians perpetually going to die in the past, in the present and in the future ? Somebody is crying in the wilderness.  Somebody is crying in the wasteland of crushed houses amidst the rivers of blood.  The Palestinians, your children.

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