Thursday, January 1, 2009

The onslought on Gaza

Half the population of Gaza are children and I believe that those who are not dead or maimed shall be scarred for life and will grow psychologically and mentally deformed. The world or the colonial powers created Israel, Frankenstein, but the world is not paying. The Palestinians are. They are a people living in the land of shadows because Israel has taken away love, freedom,hope and dignity from them. Even if the war stops and peace is restored this generation of Palestinians living under occupation which has lasted for the last 60 years or so have lived all their lives in darkness and darkness will pursue them till the end of their days if the world will not save them. If Israel is anything to judge by I pray to God the Palestinians will not build a state like the state of Israel , a brave dark new country devoid of compassion and humanity. If the Nazis have distorted the psyche of the fathers of Israel while they were under duress, then God forbid that the children of Israel should shape the soul of Palestine to come. They have destroyed the innocence of the Palestinians, the greatest crime any country can inflict on another. . What hideous deformed terrible set of values are they preaching to the world, like those we heard livni preach in Paris, while they are murdering a whole nation with the foulest of means, not only murdering them but clamouring their unworthiness and degeneration. They are not even permitted a decent epitaph. Howl for the death of innocence as Lear howled for the death of Cordelia.
Yes, I feel so strongly about it because I am involved in mankind, because no man is an island . When people like Livni or Bush sing, Donne, Christ, the Buddha and Gandhi are silenced.
1January, 2009

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