Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage rage against the dying of the light
                              Dylan Thomas
 People of the world, artists. poets and writers rage rage against the dying of children, the dying of their light
Suddenly poems crowd in my mind,  They gleam illuminating my journey and the journey of millions of other people all over the world into the dark night of Gaza. Eliot's Waste Land  with its final message of peace resonates:
Shantih Sshantih shantih
It is time to spirit travel to Gaza this morning. I am on my way Gaza mon amour. I am at Deir Al-Hawa. Hiroshima, you come to my mind. The landscape of ruined demolished bulldozed burnt habitats stretch choking the skylines under a sky of cast lead, ruthless like a biblical sky of pestilence.. By the waters of Gaza I sat down and cried. Let me penetrate the broken steal and cement, let me penetrate the dusty rubble of the mounds of annihilation, the shattered ominous unhallowed graves of the innocents. We are here. Millions of people have come with me.  Forgive us. Please hear us and let us penetrate your pitiful unrequited slumber. We have come to sing a requiem for the dead . We see you.  Please hear us and let us surround you with our compassion. So many have bled to death surrounded by their dead or dying loved ones.  In the hardness of shattered concrete they yielded to their stony adamant end. They who were living are now dead.
To Carthage then I came
Burning burning burning burning
O Lord thou pluckest me out
O Lord thou pluckest
(The Waste Land  by T.S.Eliot)

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  1. In Europe, most of people are watching with indifference, like if Gaza destruction is extracted from a movie film. You can't even argue with your neighbours. Their position is similar to someone who is watching Becket's play: waiting for Godo. TV and newspapers have neutralized people's capacity of understanding and evaluating this long long massacre. Nobody's know how much time would take to awake world's awareness?